I worry a lot – it feels like my mind just spins and I don’t know how to get it to calm down. Sometimes I feel panicky, my heart races and I can’t catch my breath. Other times, it feels like I’ve just got this sense of dread or nervousness but I can’t always explain why.”

Anxiety symptoms can be as simple and fleeting as butterflies in your stomach to something as serious as chest pains or numbness of your skin. They can be slight and manageable or they can come on intense and out of the blue, even making you wonder if there is something physically wrong with you. No matter what level of anxiety you feel like you have, if you’re noticing a negative impact on your life because of it – doing what you want to do or living how you want to live – please reach out! Anxiety is a normal physiological reaction to stress, but it doesn’t always feel “normal.” Sometimes our stress sensors get so sensitive that even the smallest stressors make us feel panicky. Sometimes our minds just go overboard with the “what if’s” and the worrying.

There is help for anxiety. You CAN quiet your mind. You CAN feel more calm.

Anxiety is one of my favorite areas to work on in therapy, whether it’s general anxiety/worrying, social anxiety, panic attacks or another expression. I approach anxiety from a perspective that asks how it came to be in your life, what it’s doing in your life now, and what your life would be like without it. We will investigate how you can actually change your relationship with anxiety – understanding it better, understanding yourself better – and how changing that relationship can give you so much more freedom to live life the way you want to.

If you are interested in talking with me more, please reach out! There’s a contact form right here on this page that gets sent straight to me. Your first 30 minutes are totally free – no risk consultation – so you can find out if we might be a good fit and ask any questions you might have about how therapy can help.

Individual Therapy Services

50 Minute Session Rate $120/session
80 Minute Session Rate $150/session

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Nicole Stone, MS LMFT is a relationship-minded and marriage-friendly therapist passionate about working with adults and couples facing anxiety, relationship crisis, and the divorce/separation experience. She offers individual, couple, and group therapy services in the North Raleigh, NC area.