Infidelity and Affairs

“I had an affair and it was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. I truly do want to make things work with my partner but now I’m not sure if s/he will ever trust me again. We’re both willing to give it a try, but I know it’s even more than my infidelity– there were so many things not working before that too, and I want us to address all of it.”

Whether this statement sounds like you or your partner, infidelity in a relationship can shake the foundation of your relationship. Perhaps you’re realizing your foundation is less stable than you thought and the process of facing an this infidelity may seem like it will break you. Let’s be honest – affairs can and do bring on the end of a relationship…but they don’t have to. If two partners are committed to working through not just the injury of the affair but of the major injuries prior to it, it is possible to not only heal the relationship but to come out on the other side better than ever before.

If you come in together, be prepared for real work of rebuilding trust, foundational relationship repair, and forgiveness. I want to help you both break down the anger, the hurt, and the fear and address both the affair – first priority – and also any relational patterns that need to be addressed for you to walk out of the therapy process stronger, wiser, and confident in your relationship with one another.

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Couples Therapy Services

50 Minute Session Rate $120/session
80 Minute Session Rate $150/session

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Nicole Stone, MS LMFT is a relationship-minded and marriage-friendly therapist passionate about working with adults and couples facing anxiety, relationship crisis, and the divorce/separation experience. She offers individual, couple, and group therapy services in the North Raleigh, NC area.