Is Therapy for Me?

As a therapist, I’m probably biased toward believing in the usefulness of the therapy process for any and everyone. But honestly, therapy might not be something you want to put your time and money into if you already put energy and self-reflection into your own growth process, if you’re feeling on top of everything you’ve got going on, and if you’re confident in who you are/are becoming for yourself and in relationship to others. If this describes you, then I’m disappointed you won’t be coming in because I would love to talk with you and take notes about how you’ve done it. If instead this describes your goals for yourself, then you’re in the right place!


Simply put, therapy is a process by which we learn about ourselves and our relationships. It’s certainly not the only way, but it happens to be facilitated by someone who has training and experience guiding the process toward the goals you set for yourself. Therapy is a conversation. Therapy is you teaching me about you, while I listen and ask questions so we can both understand more deeply. Therapy is exploration and discovery.

I won’t tell you that it’s always easy because it isn’t. It probably seems like you’re facing some pretty intense challenges right now, and in the therapy process you’ll be coming face to face with these things. But that’s also why it can be nice to have that time and space purely dedicated to you and someone on your side throughout.


Advice or lecturing. A magic bullet. Impersonal.

Therapy with me is not about you coming in, telling me what’s up with you, and me telling you how to fix it. If I had those kind of answers I’d be on all the talk shows and busy with the book tour. I’m just another person, one with an education I’m really proud of in a field that I’m passionate about, here because I know you have your own answers inside of you and I’m excited to be invited into your process.

I don’t tell you what to do or how to do it, but I won’t let you off the hook either. I’m going to show up for our sessions and put in real work and I’ll expect the same from you. “Work” in therapy looks different from person to person, but so much of it is about getting okay with letting go of what isn’t working. Sounds simple, but it’s not always easy.

I’m a professional, but I believe in both of us being comfortable. You’re invited to visit my office and meet with me totally for free to get a feel for what therapy with me would be like before making any commitment. For you to do good work in therapy, you need to be comfortable too. If you meet me and don’t feel that “click,” I’ll be happy to provide some awesome area referrals.