Personal Growth

“I’m feeling a bit lost. I can’t always pinpoint the exact reason, but I have this sense that I’m not living up to expectations. I know (or maybe I hope) that I could accomplish so much more, if I could just get unstuck and move forward toward my goals.”

Personal growth therapy can take many forms and address a wide variety of issues. The thing I enjoy most about working with clients in this area is that no matter what their goal, no matter what the barriers, they come in with a desire to understand themselves and their relationships on a deeper level. If you’re trying to find a way to breakthrough feeling stuck, or find a way to feel more fulfilled with the life you’re living, then therapy with a personal growth focus might be just the thing.

I work quite a bit around values and living a values-centered life. I enjoy helping clients explore and identify the values they want to put their time, energy and other resources into. Then we look at what is keeping you from feeling free or able to engage in that kind of values-centered living. The exploration can touch on many different aspects of your life experiences, relationships, and mindset.

If you are interested in talking with me more, please reach out! There’s a contact form right here on this page that gets sent straight to me. Your first 30 minutes are totally free – no risk consultation – so you can find out if we might be a good fit and ask any questions you might have about how therapy can help.

Individual Therapy Services

50 Minute Session Rate $120/session
80 Minute Session Rate $150/session

Sliding Fee Scale available – please contact me for more information!

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Nicole Stone, MS LMFT is a relationship-minded and marriage-friendly therapist passionate about working with adults and couples facing anxiety, relationship crisis, and the divorce/separation experience. She offers individual, couple, and group therapy services in the North Raleigh, NC area.