Repairing Relationships

“My partner and I are feeling disconnected, like right now we don’t really have the relationship we want. We miss the feeling of togetherness we used to have before life got in the way. We are both interested in repairing and strengthening our relationship before it gets any worse.”

How many times have we heard that relationships take work? So often, we can feel like we’re working hard to keep it all together and still not feel like things are improving. It’s easy to miss the feelings we had earlier in our relationship, before we got so disconnected. It’s worth being mindful of the state of your relationship, though, because on average, couples go six years feeling disconnected before they come in for therapy. Therapy can be effective either way, but imagine what can build up after so many years – and how much time gets saved when we don’t wait that long.

I enjoy working with couples who are ready to take that time out for themselves and want to learn some real strategies for reconnecting – and even better if you’re up for a lot of those strategies feeling more like fun and less like work! Relationship therapy can be intense and challenging, but it is frequently enjoyable and rewarding as well.

If you are interested in talking with me more, please reach out! There’s a contact form right here on this page that gets sent straight to me. Your first 30 minutes are totally free – no risk consultation – so you can find out if we might be a good fit and ask any questions you might have about how therapy can help.

Couples Therapy Services

50 Minute Session Rate $120/session
80 Minute Session Rate $150/session

Sliding Fee Scale available – please contact me for more information!

Nicole Stone, MS LMFT is a relationship-minded and marriage-friendly therapist passionate about working with adults and couples facing anxiety, relationship crisis, and the divorce/separation experience. She offers individual, couple, and group therapy services in the North Raleigh, NC area.