I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing, hardworking clients who truly value their relationships with themselves and with others. They consistently show up for sessions and put the ideas/skills we discuss into practice in their lives. I’ve loved watching them grow in self-confidence, look at their lives through the lens of their deeper values, and strengthen their relationships with one another. The comments below have been shared by current and previous clients and are presented here anonymously to protect their confidentiality.

“Nicole is amazing. She is understanding, calm, knowledgeable, and experienced.”

“I feel my therapy is truly helping me understand myself and how to relate to difficult people.”

“I’m so thankful that I’m working with someone who wants to help me and CAN help me.”

“Thank you for helping me love my mother again.”

“I feel totally comfortable and never judged, no matter what we discuss. I always leave with a new nugget of knowledge and understanding.”

“I’ve greatly benefited from your observations and recommendations – for ways to rethink challenges, outside readings, and just validation.”

“I feel like your feedback is really on target. You set a pace for me that is productive and powerful. I feel session by session I’m growing and understanding myself better.”

“She wants us to work on issues from the past while including things that come up as we go. That allows for whole healing.”